Health information - med help forums health tools health information experts my medhelp gastroenterology community deciding on getting another upper endoscopy or not post a question << back to community by curly03 | 15 hours 2 comments deciding on getting another upper endoscopy or not im basically wanting opinions on weather or not i should get another upper endoscopy or not. generic viagra united states In november 2010 i was suffering from stomach problems for years and i finally got a gi doctor and he did an upper endoscopy on me. buy viagra The night before i was throwing up acid the entire night constantly and felt very nasous. viagra buy dublin I was real nervous about the endoscopy but i knew i needed to get it done. viagra cheap buy canada When they put me to sleep it really freaked me out how i felt so i had a panic attack as i was falling asleep it made my heart rate go up but they finally got it under control. When i woke up i was extremely tired from the meds. I pretty much felt like a zombie all day and slept the whole day. 12.5 mg viagra After that i had severe chest pain everytime i ate it hurt. buy viagra in australia store They said my stomach produced to much acid which i knew from throwing up acid all night and they dignosed me with gasteritis and acid reflux which is what multiple doctors have been telling me but the acid reducers never helped. viagra pill 100 My gi then did a hida scan on my gallbladder and the test results showed my gallbladder didnt function correctly and thats what was making me so sick. Viagra use by date I had my gallbladder removed feb 2011. canada viagra for sale I have been doing a lot better since then but i still will randomly have stomach symptoms. viagra manufacturer coupon Sometimes i will feel nasous, get gas pains, belching, or have diarreah (diarrhea) but thats probably from the surgery. generic viagra shipping from canada The symptoms arent everyday and they usually dont last long when i do get them. viagra online cheap I finally decided to go back to my gi doctor last month. buy viagra online uk no prescription He wants to do another upper endoscopy to try to figure out why im still getting those symptoms randomly. effects of women using viagra I really dont want to get it done or think its going to do much good just looking at my stomach. Im also nervous about getting it done again because i hated it last time and dont want to have to do it again if i really dont  need to. Viagra 300mg My regular doctor gave me some better acid reducer pills protonix i feel like it works better then the prilosec i was taking. online to buy viagra or cialis Lately i have been feeling ok as long as i eat i feel fine. Except these past few weeks i feel like i got nasual drainage stuck in the back of my throat espically after i eat or drink something. Its very annoying and makes it hard to swallow at times because it feels like something is in my throat. Female viagra video So im wanting advice from anyone who has ever had an endoscopy if you think it would do me any good to get another endoscopy or not? canadian pharmacy generic viagra Im suppose to get it done this wedneday so i have until tomorrow to decide. cheap viagra uk next day delivery Tags: upper endoscopy, endoscopy, pain, test, heart, sleep, stomach problems, sick, acid reflux, gallbladder, gasteritis watch this discussion tweet 2 comments post a comment christopher r watters,. buy viagra in australia store


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