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For more than 15 years BaYes has been an industry leader in the development, manufacturing and packaging of superior quality, natural-based formulations for the professional private label skincare industry. And we offer excellent products you need to gain competitive advantage.

Personal and Beauty Care Products

    1. Natural Based Product:
As a pioneer for the use of botanicals, we maintains a leadership position in identifying and incorporating advanced, innovative skincare technologies. We continued pursuit of excellence includes being first to market high technology performance ingredients along with the proven botanicals. All Natural based Products are No Artificial Fragrances, No Tar Derivatives, No Artificial Dye, Not Tested on Animals.

    2. Certified Organic skincare products:
Complied with Ecocert Bio and Eco requirement.

    3.Anti aging Solution:
We are the leader in the anti aging skin care industry because we create the highest quality, most scientifically researched and documented anti-aging skin care treatments and anti aging skin care products available through physicians and healthcare professionals. With our great purchasing power, we guarantee our products are 10x more concentrated than most leading brands with low cost.

    4.Whitening Solution:
Whitening Skin Care is popular is Asian Countries. We provided proven formula that works better than most leading brands.

    5.Topical compositions:
Body care, facial care, Slimming care, Exfoliates, etc. Upendolabs offers the option of our skin care products and skin care treatments under our Private Label Skin Care Solutions divisions at the highest profit margin available, along with the lowest minimum requirements in the industry, plus free artwork and labels, call for details.

Custom Formulation Development for skincare

From product concept and formulation to manufacturing, BaYes offers the expertise and product development for a wide range of products.

    1. Makeup Remover Series:
Cleansing oil, cleansing gel, cleansing Water, cleansing lotion and various types of makeup remover products with different functions.

    2. Facial Cleanser Series :
Facial wash, moisturizing cleanser, acneremoval cleanser, amino acid-based facial cleanser, and other various types of cleansing products with different functions.

    3. Exfoliation Series:
Exfoliation serum, leavened facial scrub, exfoliation massage gel.

    4. Toner Series:
Whitening toner, anti allergic toner, acne removal toner, moisturizing toner and various types of toner with different functions.

    5. Serum Series:
Anti-aging Serum, placenta-extract Serum, collagen Serum, whitening serum, acne removal serum and various type of Serum with different functions.

    5. Lotion/cream Series:
Whitening lotion/cream, anti-acne lotion/cream, anti allergic lotion/cream, de-wrinkle lotion/cream, revitalizing lotion/cream, freckle control lotion/cream and various type of lotion/cream with different functions.

    6. Facial Mask Series
Various types of facial masks including river mud facial masks, green algae facial masks, facial powder, botanical facial gel and other various types of facial masks with different function.

    7. Body Series
Shampoo, conditioner, shower cream, protective lotion, body scrub series, slimming lotion series, body lotion/cream, body massage series and etc.

    8. Aroma Essence Series
Various types of pure essence, multi-formula essence oil products, massage essence oil, and fragrance formulations.

Health Food & Nutraceuticals

We offered standardized phytonutrients, nutraceuticals, functional foods, functional drinks, botanicals, sport nutrients, marine nutrients, plant and marine oils, enzymes, probiotics, Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and etc. Services include packaging, encapsulating, tableting, and custom formulation.

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